Posted by: citizenski | June 21, 2007

Salomon Gun 2008

Salomon Gun 2008

Re-worked from its big brother the LAB 188 Gun, the new Salomon Gun’s for 2008 are a breath of fresh air for the name they inherit. Still twin-tipped but with a total change of construction and shape the new ski is much more versatile, fun and springy. They instill you a passion to drive faster, spin higher and to take some risks. The Gun’s are a great pair of skis for young, aggressive and expert skiers who are looking to emulate and one day surpass their heros.

All the dimensions are there for an excellent freeride ski and the new flex is better balanced, easier yet more stable. Advanced to expert skiers will love them in varied backcountry terrain whilst the freestylers who are getting bored of just hanging out in the park will find they can pull even bigger airs in the backcountry with the new Gun.

The manufacturer says this about the Salomon Gun 2008:

Symbol of the new freestyle culture.
The ultimate weapon for backcountry warriors, the Teneighty Gun is fast and manoeuvrable. You can jump cliffs and land in deep powder with ease with this rock solid ski. If youa re all about living the extreme take a Gun with you.


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