Posted by: citizenski | June 21, 2007

Salomon Equipe 3V Race 2008

Salomon Equipe 3V Race 2008

One of my choice skis for everyday teaching and cruising about the Alps. The 3V’s have been around in various guises for many a moon now but they are great for a versatile short to medium radius ski that can hack through virtually all conditions and they are also great fun in bumps for the experienced skier.
As a pure slalom ski you are better spending a touch more and going for the LAB 3V which is a pure race beast but the 3V standard is a much better allround propostion- plus you can ski on them allday long without too much in the way of leg burn if you really want to take it easy.
The sidecut and plate of this latest incarnation provide effortless carves in either tight or more open turns, the flex is lively but not too demanding and they arean excellent choice for advanced to expert skiers- my girlfriend loved them in the 160cm version and was really pleased with the increase in control and agility over her regular intermediate skis- she has only skied a season so they are definitely not only for racers!

The manufacturer says this about the Salomon Equipe 3V Race 2008:

THE perfect ski for top SL performance.

Straight from our racing department, here is the ski to take you to the podiums if you have the skills and dedication. Completely re-worked with our latest technologies, you too can reach the summit of the podiums.


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