Posted by: citizenski | June 21, 2007

Salomon Aero GT 2008

Salomon Aero GT 2008

Salomon’s new Aero range seems them return to making very useable skis for the entire mountain. With this the mid-range Aero GT you can cruise at speed, potter with young kids or old grinches and generally do whatever you wish ona pair of skis.
Sporty intermediate to advanced skiers will love them, they are smooth, relatively undemanding and so easy to control. The new construction developed by Salomon for the Aero’s enables you to switch between an aggressive carve and a smooth skid at will- something not traditionally witnessed in the carving ski generation.
Light, agile, strong when you want them to be and stable at moderatly quick pace the Aero GT’s are tough to beat as an advanced allmountain caver.

The manufacturer says this about the Salomon Aero GT 2008:

Control you carving with confidence.

Challenge your carvingexpectations with this powerful,, stable and responsive ski. You will enjoy high speeds with hybrid technological assitance that helps you master all conditions and all terrains. Carving takes on control.


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