Posted by: citizenski | June 21, 2007

Faction 183 3.Zero 2008

Faction 183 3.Zero 2008

In a 183 the 3.Zero is probably the most versatile ski for big mountain freeride and still being able to hit the park. For most guys they will find the dimensions fantastic in the powder, the sandwich construction will give you stability and silkiness at speed plus you have all the benefits of tough Rockwell steel edges for grinding the rails.
Woodcored, hand made and at the forefront of the latest incarnation of Freeride.

The manufacturer says this about the Faction 183 3.Zero 2008:

We’ve shortened the 3.Zeros a touch to 183cm and fattened them up nearly 2cm to 112mm in the waist making them ideal for the backcountry, however with their silky smooth flex they’re still wicked in the park.

183cm – “3.Zero”:
Tip/waist/tail (mm): 142/112/132
Tip & tail height (mm): 55/50
Radius: 25m


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