Posted by: citizenski | June 16, 2007

Line Prophet 130 2008

Line, Prophet, 130, 2008

155-130-148, these are dimensions that would probably scare you to take up rollerblading and listening to Cliff Richards if your girlfriend had them but in the Prophet 130’s they are going to give you lots of float on champagne powder rather than let you sink you into the depths of a supersized depression.
The graphic is fantastic as on many of the this years Line skis and the 130’s are fantastic big mountain skis for when the conditions are right- I just don’t like being on skis like these when the conditions are firm. A great pure powder pair of skis for the dedicated few.

The manufacturer says this about the Line, Prophet, 130, 2008:

The Prophet 130 literally redefines the way we are able to ride powder. Its 130mm waist and fat tips eliminate the need to sit back in the deep stuff. Instead you are able to pressure the tongues of your boots which enhances control & responsiveness over the ski. The result is incredible strength, power, float and stability, while maintaining an extremely light and agile feel. This is why the Prophet is considered to be one of today’s most progressive big mountain skis.


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