Posted by: citizenski | June 16, 2007

Line, Prophet 100 2008

Line, Prophet, 100, 2008

The Prophet 100’s are 100mm underfoot and are marketed as Line’s most versatile allround fat ski when taking in the construction. 100mills remains a lot underfoot and the ski is great off piste and full of pop and life whilst the wood-core and metal-matrix gives lots of grip and power on firmer runs and at speed. So the Prophet 100’s have the grip but not really the agility to make them a ski happy on-piste but if you are the type of skier who is on the mountain regularly and want to rip at speed to the next backcountry huck then you will absolutely love the the smaller Prophets. They are perfect in the mixed backcountry conditions that you would find in most of Europes bigger resorts with lots of varying snow conditions and lots of ridges and cliffs to toy with.
Again a ski for the expert really although if you are advanced and are heading off to ski a season then you may really grow into a pair of skis like the Prophet 100.

The manufacturer says this about the Line, Prophet, 100, 2008:

The Prophet 100 is one of the most versatile fat skis on the market. The 100mm waist width floats in the deep backcountry powder yet maintains plenty of agility, edge hold and responsiveness when ripping up the groomers on the way to the lift. The secret ingredient lies in its Metal Matrix technology that provides extra power, edge-grip, stability and torsional responsiveness where you need it while reducing weight where you don’t. Enjoy.


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