Posted by: citizenski | June 16, 2007

Atomic GS 12pb 2008

Atomic, GS 12pb, 2008

Fabulous silky, grippy and fast GS skis from Atomic. Not the full-on race version that FIS racers or serious club skiers in the Alps or Rockies will be looking for but wonderfully addictive, fast and responsive GS skis that drive you to go faster, take more angle and risks and whether in or out of the gates to play around with your line and play with the terrain and your ability. A ski like the GS 12pb which allows you to enjoy skiing and forget about your equipments limits and just enjoy the ride is a great feeling and I really enjoyed my time on the GS 12’s.

The limits to GS skis come when the terrain or conditions aren’t particularly great, as skis such as these have longer lengths, slimmer profiles and stiffer flexes they are not overly comfortable when things get bumpy, foggy or the snow soft. So they do make a great pair of second skis for the expert skier with a need for speed or those that are just getting into racing.

Excellent and highly recommended for early morning runs when you have the pistes for yourself and they are groomed to perfection.

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic, GS 12pb, 2008:

Top World Cup racing ski with Powerbridge technology for the most exacting requirements in the most technically demanding discipline: the giant slalom.
Unadulterating pleasure for all highly athletic fans of medium and large radii.
Excellent ski control in all phases of a turn, precise turn control, dorect transmission of power and perfect edge grip at even high speeds.


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