Posted by: citizenski | June 16, 2007

Atomic Big Daddy 2008

Atomic, Big Daddy, 2008

Huge. The daddies are amongst the largest of big mountain skis. 190cm and a massive 125mm underfoot. The Big daddies will take some getting used to and also a helicopter would be useful. As with most skis of this nature they will perform impeccably given the right conditions. The Big Daddy”s for 2008 are redesigned and have a bit more girth around the middle so they have a 41m radius which is ok off in the backcountry with lots of snow but will be a huge handful for mixed European conditions unless you have legs like Maier.

Very much a 100% powder ski for those with heli-access.

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic, Big Daddy, 2008:

Solid 125mm under the binding! Our freeride top models in a new design are a lot fatter around the hips! For even better floatation during radical turns in hip-deep snow!


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