Posted by: citizenski | June 12, 2007

Head Monster iM95 O.B. 2008

Head, Monster, iM95, O.B., 2008

Big 95mm in the waist freeride bad boys. Every manufacturers range has a flagship ski like this for the expert or pro to go cruising on. Firm but not too stiff the O.B. (out of bounds) is a good high speed cruiser for when you have lots of room and mixed to powder snow. Large skis such as the O.B. are generally a handful on-piste so best to keep them in their natural playground.
With a 19.7 metre radius in a 181 length they are reasonably versatile and you should find no difficulty in skiing tigh couloirs with a ski of this dimension- although the 191 length could prove a little trickier if you are looking to lay down some turns rather than just a set of straight tracks.
Go for length if you desire speed, slightly shorter for enhanced agility.
The O.B. is best reserved for expert skiers with a passion for the deep.

The manufacturer says this about the Head, Monster, iM95, O.B., 2008:

New! O.B. stands for (wait for this!!!) “Out of Bounds”, meaning this monster is extremely serious about back-country action both with and without the benefits of a helicopter. Designed like a high-performance powder ski and built with all the benefits of the Alpinist touring ski.


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