Posted by: citizenski | June 10, 2007

Salomon Foil 2008

Salomon, Foil, 2008, Freeride, Freestyle, Advanced, Expert, Skis

Another year and we get another Foil. unchanged from ’07 the Foil has proven to be a huge success due to their combination of lightness, reasonable firmness of flex and a sidecut that still gives a good carve with enough width to keep you on top of the fluff. The ski itself has proved itself stronger, stiffer and much more suited to the latest jibbing and back-country adventures of the Freeride generation than the now long gone 1080 of yore. Confidence has been restored in the Salomon brand on the back of the Foils and last years LAB Simon Dumont & LAB Gun which were great skis for the expert.
Sure to continue to be popular amongst the brigades of freeride/ freestyle jibbers the Foil is a versatile and fun allround backcountry to allmountain ski.

The manufacturer says this about the Salomon, Foil, 2008, Freeride, Freestyle, Advanced, Expert, Skis:

Unlimited performance for parks and powder!

this ski does it all…get the fresh powder first thing and then hit the park in the afternoon without changing your skis. Rock solid structure that was built for performance. Mad action requires radical design, so Jamie Strachan dug deep into his sub-conscious to create his acid test vision of the world today.


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