Posted by: citizenski | June 10, 2007

Salomon Flyer 2008

Salomon, Flyer, 2008, Junior, Freestyle, Skis

As per the 151 reviewed earlier in the blue and white graphic. Versatile, fun freestyle skis for teenage skiers or light adults.
Modelled around the original 1080 model the Flyer is a versatile allmountain twin tip ski that is great for the intermediate to advanced skiers. They are available in four lengths and the 171 is fine for light adult skiers and also pretty adept at shredding the bumps. If you’re looking for your first pair of freestyle skis then you will find the Flyers easy to use agile and fun in soft snow conditions. As with the majority of freestyle skis they don’t offer the best in on piste performance but they are forgiving and you can ski pretty much any slope on a pair of Flyers.

The manufacturer says this about the Salomon, Flyer, 2008, Junior, Freestyle, Skis:

To become one of the best…

You can really begin to express your style and fly high. Perfect for park and pipe, this solid twin tip is for aspiring jibbers to take their stand.


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