Posted by: citizenski | June 3, 2007

Atomic Thug 2008

Atomic, Thug, 2008

Big, this ski is real big. Guess it is like a comparing the average to Pamela Anderson, you kinda get the feeling that you are going to have to commit a little more. The Thug’s are 120mm at their narrowest point, fat enough for a weight watcher to faint, so they can handle the powder till it reaches over your head- they are supposedly great and well balanced for landing switch off the cliffs, but I’ll leave that for others to explore. So the new graphic is a little toned down, its fine, nothing revolutionary but adequate for the market but the Thug really does need some taming.
The37m radius is huge and half way between a World Cup Super G and DH ski in terms of turn raidus, so either you need a lot of space to put in an arc, some soft snow or legs like an oak.
Pure powder performance for the dedicated backcountry Freestyler who has really got tired of and too cool to hang in Park anymore.

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic, Thug, 2008:

The fat kid out of the Freeskiing family. With its 120mm waist width this sandwich babyy makes you float on the top of the fresh powder and gives you the chance to land your backcountry kicker tricks switch. Since last years graphic was over the top we had to give it another go for you.


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