Posted by: citizenski | June 3, 2007

Atomic SL 10ib 2008

Atomic, SL 10ib, 2008

The SL 10’s are great slalom style skis. the sidecut is very much that of a slalom ski but the flex is toned down and the tail is less whippy than with a thoroughbred.
Advanced skiers will find that they can arc all day long on the SL 10 without exhaustion and experts will enjoy a more laid back ride than with the full-on SL 12pb.
The thing is with slalom skis is that they get you carving and enjoying a feeling of control over what you are doing on-snow than the normal gliding in thin air feeling. that is why so many ski instructors and professional skiers like to use skis with lot so of shape like this- the ski does the work for you.
Whilst not in full race territory the SL 10 is quite nippy and will give you lots of smiles for your bucks- i think they are a great and exciting pair of skis and every advanced skier should have a pair of slalom skis.

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic, SL 10ib, 2008:

Maximum performance on even the hardesst slopes. The new slalom ski for lovers of short and medium radii. versatile and easy to turn, this ski features an integral bridge and dual torsion bar for a perfect transmission of power and excellent edge grip.


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