Posted by: citizenski | January 31, 2007

Scott Neo

The Scott Neo was one of our favourites at the Meribel Ski tests. An addition rather than a replacement for the much vaunted Aztec Pro the Neo is a cruisy, fun and easy gripping ski for the advanced to expert skier. With a whole load of powder off the sides the Neo’s just bounded through the stuff and are very palyful and easily tamed but great fun nontheless. On the hard pack they aren’t as grippy or as explosive as a slalom ski but they do hold a surprisingly good edge, even on the hard-man-made snow that crept through on some of the Meribel pistes.

If you’re looking for a ligh ( I think they would make great touring skis), versatile and entertaining ski the Scott Neo will definitely be one to try when you get the chance in 2008!




  1. I agree. This is a great ski that skis well on and off piste. The width underfoot really helps in the fluffy stuff, and the big surprise is that this extra width doesnt seem to hinder the performance on piste. I was expecting the usual feeling of skiing on stilts when hitting the hard pistes after a whizz through the powder, but to my (pleasant) surprise I had a great time arcing some powerful turns down the rest of the mountain with not inconsiderable amounts of ping coming out of the turn. Full marks to the technical team at Scott but the design team can go and hang their heads in shame – thats a terrible top sheet.

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