Posted by: citizenski | January 18, 2007

Head S-Line

Heads new range, the S-line, features many models based around upon race boot design. You are greeted with a boot that is functional, clean looking, efficient and there are no annoying unnecessary add-ons. A major difference between how Head approach fit is the innovative FCS- Full Custom System. This latest second generation of the system features a plastic frame between the liner and shell. If fitted this takes the shell from stately-home sized 103mm across the forefoot to a more performance orientated 100mm. A secondary benefit of this system comes when you need to create space for lumps and bumps on your weathered feet. The FCS can be cut away so as to give space around pressure points- its quicker, easier and more cost effective than stretching the boot but you do loose a level of precision with this set-up.
Rarer and for the expert the RS series look fabulous and is bereft of anything other than bare essentials- think Pamela Anderson in a thong. Reserved for excellent skiers they are best suited to the expert skier with their firm flexes and precise liners. The range topping RS 96 is an anorexic 96mm across the forefoot so expect market leading performance and a firm ride from the race-bred “single-injection moulded” 130 flex.

Narrow to medium depending on model

Race bred design
Double-power Velcro strap.
FCS II (Full Custom System)

90 (soft)
130 (stiff)


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